CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting Financial statements for 1Q FY 2022-23 approved

Despite the ongoing turmoil that has been affecting markets for several months,
resulting in performances that have slowed growth for the whole sector1,
CheBanca! in the first quarter of the new financial year has delivered growth in
high-quality assets, revenues and profits 

Ongoing investments in distribution network and mobile channel, brand identity
strengthening and product offering expansion for clients

AUM/AUA now €17bn (up 2.7% YoY;2 up 1.6% QoQ), with NNM in AUM/AUA of €0.7bn
in 3M (up 8% YoY; up 19% QoQ)
Growth in high-quality assets offset slight reduction in deposits
(€17bn down 0.9% YoY; down 2.6% QoQ)

Customer loans totalling €11.4bn (up 3% YoY),
on high mortgage lending new business volumes in 3M: €0.6bn (up 73% YoY; down 10% QoQ)

Revenues have reached €100m (up 5% YoY, stable QoQ),
on higher fees of €41m (up 18% YoY; down 2% QoQ)

Reduction in cost/income ratio (from 72.6% in 1Q FY 2021-22 to 70.6%), confirming the
operating structure’s growing efficiency and the business model’s increasing

Net profit €17m (up 15% YoY; up 15% QoQ)

Distribution network continues to strengthen (1,033 professionals, with 62 added in 12M, and
208 POS, with 4 added in 12M), with productivity levels again near the best in the market
Premier managers total 512 (5 added in 1Q, 17 in 12M), responsible for €0.4bn in NNM (AUM/AUA) in 3M
Financial Advisors total 521 (5 added in 1Q, 45 added in 12M), responsible for €0.3bn in NNM (AUM/AUA) in 3M
106 CheBanca! branches and 102 FAs offices (four added in 12M)

1) Assoreti market flows for July and August 2022 down 30% YoY.
2) YoY: end-Sept. 2022 vs end-Sept. 2021; QoQ: end-Sept. 2022 vs end-June 2022.