CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting Financial statements for 1Q 2021-22 approved

Price sensitive

Growth in NNM, TFAs and revenues,
on the back of strong commercial activity,
with productivity levels at the best in the market

Ongoing investments in distribution network;
continuing enhancement of brand identity and offering to clients

TFAs up 17% YoY to €33bn, driven by growth in high-quality assets:
AUM/AUA up 26% to €16bn, deposits up 9% to €17bn

NNM in 1Q FY 2021-22: €0.9bn (up 6% YoY)
concentrated in AUM component (€0.6bn, up 101% YoY)

Customer loans totalling €11bn (up 7% YoY)
With new loans in residential mortgages flat in 3M at €0.4bn

Revenues €95m (up 15% YoY, up 2% QoQ), with all income components growing:
Net interest income €61m (up 9% YoY, up 2% QoQ)
Fee income €35m (up 27% YoY, up 1% QoQ)

Reduction in cost/income ratio (72.6%, vs 76.4% in 1Q 2020-21),
despite ongoing investments in distribution and enhanced operations (costs up 9% to €69m), confirming efficiency of operating structure and effectiveness of business model

Net profit €15m (up 62% YoY, up 21% QoQ)

Network enhancement resuming after Covid-related slowdown:
971 professionals and 204 POS
Premier relationship managers total 495 (9 added in 1Q; 23 more than last year), responsible for NNM in AUM/AUA of €0.3bn in 1Q
Financial advisors total 476 (11 added in 1Q, 54 more than last year), responsible for NNM in AUM/AUA of €0.4bn
106 CheBanca! branches and 98 FAs offices (7 more than last year)