CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting Financial statements for 1Q 2019-20 approved

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Ongoing distribution network enhancement continues,
delivering strong commercial results for the quarter:
net AUM/AUA of €0.6bn gathered,
twice last year and aligned with best sector levels;
new mortgage loans of €0.6bn

Revenues and gross profit growing

AUM/AUA now over €11bn (up 7% in 3M) and TFAs of €25.8bn (up 2% in 3M)
Customer loans total €9.5bn (up 5% in 3M)

Distribution network expanded further:
816 new professionals and 183 POS
Affluent relationship managers now total 451 (6 added in 3M), responsible for €0.3bn of AUM/AUA in 3M
Financial advisors now total 365 (30 added in 3M), responsible for €0.3bn of AUM/AUA in 3M

Revenues and gross profit post significant growth
Revenues of €77m reflect strong YoY growth of 7.2%, diversified between
net interest income of €55m (up 4.0%) and fees of €22m (up 15.5%)
Costs slightly higher at €60m (up 4.1%), due to expansion in operations and distribution
Gross profit up 32.7% ,to €13m