CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting Financial statements for 1H 2021-22 approved

Record results by growth and profitability

TFAs¹ up 15%,² now over €34bn
driven by material growth in AUM/AUA (net inflows up 51%, to €1.3bn, stock up 24% to €17bn)
for the first time equal to deposits (€17bn, up 6%)

Revenues grew by 13% (to €195m) and fee income by 24% (to €75m)
Net profit up 37% (to €31m),
despite continuing investments in people, technology and products

Growth in salesforce continues: network now consists of 996 professionals (25 added in 2Q, 100 in 2021) and 204 POS

Premier Relationship Managers now total 503 (8 added in 2Q; 36 more than last year),
responsible for NNM (AUM/AUA) of €0.7bn in 6M
Financial Advisors now total 493 (17 added in 2Q; 64 more than last year),
responsible for NNM (AUM/AUA) of €0.7bn in 6M

Ongoing enhancement in advisory activity, investment product and discretionary mandate offering, and digital innovation
New mobile banking app launched

Growth accelerating in 2Q:
NNM totalled €0.6bn, with the managed component contributing €0.7bn
Revenues totalling €100m (up 5% QoQ) and net profit €16m (up 9% QoQ)


1) Total Financial Assets: AUM + AUA + deposits.
2) Unless specified otherwise, growth rates are annual: 6m Dec21 vs 6m Dec20.