Mediobanca Italian CEO Conference reaches its fourth year

The fourth Italian CEO Conference will be held on 26 and 27 June 2018. The event, organized by Mediobanca, brings together institutional investors and CEOs of the leading Italian listed companies every year at the Bank’s head offices in Piazzetta Cuccia in Milan. The conference will be attended by more than 60 of the leading Italian stock market-listed companies and over 150 international investors, who will have an opportunity for dialogue both in one-to-one meetings and by taking part in panels on particular themes. Representatives of international institutions will also be present, including the EBA and the European Parliament.

The programme for the Italian CEO Conference this year is once again very rich. The first day, which will focus on banks and insurances, will open with welcoming remarks from Alberto Nagel, the Chief Executive Officer of Mediobanca, and will continue with a talk by Isabelle Vaillant (Director of Regulation at the EBA). Further talks will follow from Stefano Del Punta (Finance Director of Intesa Sanpaolo), Philippe Donnet (CEO of the Generali Group), and Jean Pierre Mustier (Chief Executive Officer of Unicredit).

The infrastructures and utilities sector will be the focus of day two, with addresses by Francesco Venturini and Alberto De Paoli (CEO of Enel X and Finance Director of Enel respectively). The programme for the morning will end with a round table on managing the energy transition, with the participation of Stefano Venier (Chief Executive Officer of Hera), Valerio Camerano (Chief Executive Officer of A2A), Massimiliano Bianco (Chief Executive Officer of Iren) and Gianfilippo Mancini (Chief Executive Officer of Sorgenia). In the afternoon there will be talks by Roberto Gualtieri (Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Member of the Brexit Steering Group) and Giovanni Castellucci (Chief Executive Officer of Atlantia).

Access to the conference is exclusively reserved to registered investors and to the companies invited.


Milan, 25 June 2018