Cancellation and redemption of ETF Manager certificates

Mediobanca hereby gives notice that the certificates distributed by Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano S.p.A. (“SparKasse”) listed below (jointly, the “Certificates”) will be cancelled and redeemed on 18 December 2019 and, on the same date, Mediobanca will pay the holders of the Certificates the following amounts, determined in accordance with the criteria described in Mediobanca presse release dated 14 November 2019:

  • ETF Manager World Equity Index Certificates (ISIN XS0639602506): €1,906.27;
  • ETF Manager Conservative Bond Index Certificates (ISIN XS0639603652): €1,228.97;
  • ETF Manager Dynamic Bond Index Certificates (ISIN XS0639603223): €1,239.85;
  • ETF Manager European Equity Index Certificates (ISIN XS0639602928): €1,719.80.

For further information on the Certificates’ characteristics, reference should be made to

Milan, 16 December 2019