Mediobanca donates €500,000 to charities operating in food distribution

Milan, 4 May – Mediobanca has donated a total of €500,000 to two Milan-based charities, Pane Quotidiano and Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, both of which are committed to ensuring that food reaches the members of society most in need each day free of charge.

This donation is a testimony to the Mediobanca Group’s desire to support initiatives addressing the social, medical and economic emergency situation exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic situation.
The donations Mediobanca has made to the two charities are in addition to the other initiatives in which we have already participated, taking the Group’s overall commitment to above €3m since the emergency started.

“The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused many people to lose their jobs, exposing an increasing number of households to a state of poverty and vulnerability, in particular in Northern Italy and Milan which have been hit hard by the pandemic”, said Giovanna Giusti del Giardino, Head of Group Sustainability di Mediobanca. “For this reason we’ve chosen to direct our commitment to solidarity initiatives to charities active in distributing food to those most in need of it. The two charities have been selected by our own Mediobanca Group colleagues, who were asked their opinion through an internal consultation process. They chose two charities based in Milan, the city with which Mediobanca has been linked since our inception, and where the main Group Companies’ central offices are located”.

Pane Quotidiano: a charity based in Milan, founded in 1898 with the objective of ensuring that the poorest members of society and anyone else who is in need or is vulnerable receive food free of charge each day and without any type of discrimination.

Opera San Francesco per i Poveri: an organization established by the Capuchin Friars of Viale Piave in Milan, who have been offering free assistence and shelter to the poor since 1959. The organization’s aim is to meet the primary and real needs of people in serious difficulty by listening to them and offering them practical support.