Stock option awards

Price sensitive

As required by Article 84-bis of Consob resolution no. 11971/99 (Regulations for Issuers), notice is hereby given that on 15 July 2009, a total of 310,000 stock options were awarded to five Mediobanca members of staff recruited in the past eighteen months under schemes adopted prior to 1 September 2007 and against the scheme adopted by shareholders in general meeting on 27 October 2007 (cf. table attached). The award price, which is equal to the average stock market price for Mediobanca shares in the month prior to the award being made, is €8.401 per share.

The features of the instruments awarded are the same as those described in the press releases issued on 17 September 2007 and 10 October 2007, which are available on The options have a three-year vesting period, and may be exercised in the five years subsequent to expiry of the vesting period.