Press Release - Annual General Meeting of Mediobanca shareholders

At the Annual General Meeting held today, the shareholders of Mediobanca:

  • Approved the financial statements as at 30 June 2019 and the distribution of a gross dividend of €0.47 per share in respect of each of the shares in issue granting such entitlement, payable as from 20 November 2019, with record date 19 November 2019, after coupon no. 36 is detached on 18 November 2019;
  • Approved the “Staff Remunerations Policies”, including the cap on variable and fixed remuneration based on a ratio of 2:1 (with exceptions for persons working in Asset Management), and the criteria for establishing the compensation payable in cases where beneficiaries leave office or cease to work for Mediobanca;
  • Approved the updated version of the performance share scheme for Group staff adopted by shareholders at the annual general meeting held on 28 October 2015.


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be made available to the general public by 27 November 2019 at the company’s head offices and on the following websites:, section Corporate Governance/General Meeting 2019, and

Milan, 28 October 2019