Agreement between shareholders of Mediobanca

Price sensitive

In accordance with Article 131 of Consob regulation 11971/99, notice is given that in the period from 1 January to 30 June 2015 (financial year end) the following changes occurred:

.   on 27 March 2015, addition in the syndicated holding owned by Financière du Perguet of n. 4,470,000 shares, in exercise of its right to increase its shareholding;

.   on 12 June 2015, intercompany transfer (Heirs Zannoni) of n. 105,000 shares from United Tiles S.A. to the subsidiary Cinca S.A., both party to the Agreement;

.   Increase in Mediobanca share capital to effect the exercise of stock options.

The wording of the Agreement remains unchanged, and a summary of the key information is provided below.


Type and purpose of agreement: the Agreement is a block shareholders’ agreement aimed at preserving a stable shareholder base combined with representative governing bodies to ensure consistent management objectives (cf. Article 122, (b) of Italian Legislative Decree 58/98).

Participants and number of shares covered by the Agreement: the following table shows: the parties to the Agreement as at 30 June 2015, the number of shares syndicated, the percentages of shares syndicated of the total and the total share capital of Mediobanca. [...]


Milan, 4 July 2015