Consultation agreement between Mediobanca Shareholders

Price Sensitive

At a general meeting held today, 24 February 2022 with Angelo Casò in the chair, after expressing their unanimous appreciation for all Ennio Doris’s hard work in the many years he took part in the bodies representing the shareholders’ agreements and sat on the Board of Mediobanca, the Parties to the Agreement unanimously approved the admission of shareholder Fin.Fer. S.p.A. (Pittini group) to the Agreement, which owns 3,518,728 Mediobanca shares (0.41%). As a result of the above, the percentage syndicated to the Agreement rises from 10.24% to 10.65% of the share capital.

The Parties in general meeting also:

  •      Reappointed Angelo Caso’ as chairman, asking him to identify other Committee members to be submitted for approval to the Parties gathered at the next general      meeting;
  •      Reviewed the half-yearly results of the Mediobanca Group for the six months ended 31 December 2021, approved by the Board of Directs on 9 February 2022.


Milan, 24 February 2022