R&S 2017 focus on Italian fashion companies

R&S Mediobanca unveils its annual survey of the leading fashion groups in Italy from 2011 to the first nine months of 2016.

The survey covers the 140 largest fashion industry companies based in Italy with total sales of at least €100m in 2015 (Italian fashion companies), with a special focus on the 15 leading groups (the Fashion Top 15).

Highlights: in 2015 global sales in the fashion industry (luxury personal goods) were up 12%, at €251bn. The Italian fashion companies outperformed their national manufacturing industry counterparts. Revenues were up, and financial solidity was healthy.

The leather goods segment reported highest share of the total, and was also the most dynamic; followed by clothing, jewellery and watches, and cosmetics/perfumes.


The full survey is available for download at www.mbres.it in the "R&S sector focus" box.