Coronavirus: precautions and protection measures

In accordance with the restrictions put in place by the Italian authorities to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, Mediobanca and the Mediobanca Group companies have adopted preventative measures to protect our staff and clients. The Group is encouraging staff to work from home where they are operationally and technologically able and equipped to do so. It is giving priority to the use of video conferencing tools for meetings with clients, providers and non-Mediobanca Group staff members; and has suspended work-related trips and journeys and promotional and internal social events.

As well as protecting the health and safety of our staff, for the Mediobanca Group it is a matter of priority to guarantee business continuity, facilitated by our multichannel approach and provision of advisory services on a remote basis. Operations at all the Group’s offices, and the CheBanca!, Compass and Mediobanca Private Banking branches throughout Italy are continuing as usual.

A working group has been set up to monitor the situation, ensuring that the Group is constantly aligned with the restriction measures in force.

The Mediobanca Group has also made sure all its staff have received the World Health Organization’s general advice on hygiene and protection for persons without symptoms. Anyone with breathing difficulties or flu-like symptoms, even if not serious, has been invited to go home and/or not come to work as a precaution, and special allowances have been made for staff with documented health problems or who are particularly at risk. The Group is allowing staff to make full use of the whole range of leave options offered by the regulations permitted, in view of the schools being closed in certain parts of northern Italy. In cases where staff are travelling for personal reasons in this period, they have also been urged to view the guidelines adopted by the foreign offices in the countries to which they are travelling.


Milan, 24 February 2020