Mediobanca presents its focus on public services in the leading Italian municipalities

The survey can be downloaded

Public service industries continue to grow in Italy. This is the picture that emerges from the Mediobanca Research Area’s annual survey of public services in the leading Italian municipalities. The survey analyses the financial statements of forty companies providing four different types of service: water, urban waste, local public transport and airport systems.

The aggregate data reflect growth at the top-line level, both year-on-year and versus 2013, with revenues up 0.7% and 6.5% respectively. The local public transport companies posted the highest turnover in 2017, of €3.1bn; while the airport companies reported the highest profits for the 2013-17 five-year period (€1.6bn) and the water companies showed the highest investment levels (€2.7bn in the five years).

Rome, Milan and Bologna stood out among the cities of Italy, their companies ranking first both by revenues and profits. Some 76,865 staff work for the forty companies, with the Rome, Milan and Turin local public transport companies employing the highest numbers. As for governance, the Boards of these companies continue to reflect low participation levels by both women (30.6%) and millennials (5.9%).

The full survey is available for download from website