Mediobanca Research Area presents "Leading Italian Companies" 2019 edition

The large state-owned oil and energy groups dominate the rankings for industrial companies: first Eni, with total sales of €75.8bn), followed by Enel with €73.1bn, and GSE (€32.3bn). As for banks, the previous years’ positions were confirmed with Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo leading the way, having tangible total assets of €828bn and €778.6bn respectively. Among the insurers, Assicurazioni Generali dominates the league table with gross premium income of €65.2bn. These just are some of the results to emerge from the survey of Leading Italian Companies compiled by the Mediobanca Research Area. The survey comprises 3,452 companies operating in the industrial, commercial, public services, financial and insurance services (banks, insurances, leasing and factoring companies, financial companies). The survey also contains a focus on the most dynamic manufacturing firms in in 2018, six of which medium-sized and five medium-large, operating chiefly in the mechanical/electronics sectors and based in Central and Northern Italy.