The world’s 25 largest Software and Web companies

The report analyses the financial statements of the world’s 25 largest Software and Web companies over the 2015-19 five-year period, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their results for 1H 2020. Of the companies surveyed, 13 operate primarily in internet retailing (e-commerce, entertainment services, online travel and sharing mobility), 7 in software production, and 5 in internet services (social media, search engines, web portals etc.). Of the 25 companies, 14 are headquartered in the United States, 6 in China, 3 in Japan and 2 in Europe (Germany).

In 2015-19 the software and internet companies more than doubled their aggregate turnover, outperforming the manufacturing multinationals. They also increased their profits, workforce and market capitalization. The Covid-19 pandemic did not halt their growth in 1H 2020 in terms of revenues or profits, both of which were higher than those recorded in 1H 2019.

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