R&S publishes 2018 edition of its survey of large multinationals, with a focus on software and web companies

An aggregate turnover of €626bn (up 123% on 2013), a labour force which is growing all the time (having reached 1.6 million people employed worldwide), and a market capitalization which rises on average by 25% every year. These are some of the highlights of the focus on the 21 largest software and web companies contained in the 2018 edition of the R&S-Mediobanca survey of the world’s leading multinationals.

The survey reveals the impressive performances recorded in the last five years by the giants of internet retailing, software development and internet services. At end-2017, the 21 software and web companies generated 4.8% of the aggregate turnover posted by the world’s largest multinationals, accounted for 4.7% of their workforce, provided 8.1% of the profits earned by them and represented some 19.4% of their aggregate market capitalization.

The survey also contains analysis of governance and tax issues and the Italian operations of the companies analysed.

The complete survey is available for download from www.mbres.it.