Mediobanca Research Area presents TLC 2019

In 2018 Italy confirmed its position as the fourth largest European TLC market after Germany, the United Kingdom and France, with revenues of €31.6bn. The European TLC company rankings by total revenues were headed up by Deutsche Telekom of Germany, followed by Spanish group Telefònica, while TIM came in sixth out of the European TLC giants with turnover of €18.7bn. These are just some of the highlights to emerge from the 2019 edition of the Mediobanca Research Area’s survey of TLCs companies in Italy and Europe. In the first six months of 2019in Italy, Fastweb was the only company to show signs of growth, apart from the start-up Iliad. In Europe TIM was among the top three players in terms of profitability. Italy stands out for experimentation with 5G, second in Europe in this area after Finland.

The Italian TLC sector accounts for 1.8% of the country’s GDP, and 5.9% of its total investments despite the slight, 2% reduction in revenues in 2018 due to the downturn in mobile telephony (which decreased by 5.3%). By contrast, fixed-line telephony grew by 1.2%, helped by the improved mix in terms of broadband access speeds. Investments infrastructure also give hope for the future, having increased by 17% to €8.4bn. The full survey is available for download from

Milano, 6 novembre 2019