Mediobanca Research Area publishes its survey on “Major International Banks: Financial Aggregates”

The survey can be downloaded

European and US banks are travelling at different speeds, not least due to the different monetary policies adopted by the respective central banks. In Europe the sector rationalization process continues, although there have been no cross-border M&A deals since 2009 (BNP-Fortis).

The leading Italian banks analysed show further substantial reductions in non-performing loans, and continue to deliver profits that are above the European average despite being under pressure. Globally the Chinese giants retain their position of leadership, with four banks out of the top five by total assets.

Further details may be found in the annual R&S survey of “Major International Banks: Financial Aggregates” published today, which analyses the results of the 67 largest international banking groups for the 2009-18 year period.

The survey contains a special focus on the European, German and Italian markets, and an appendix on trends in 1Q 2019.


The full survey is available for download from website