• What is it? Malware is malicious software devised to track the victim’s browsing activities, steal confidential data, or damage an IT system and the devices that use it. 
  • How can I recognize it? 
    • Device functions irregularly (e.g. windows opening up randomly)
    • High battery consumption by the device
  • What should I do?
    • Pay careful attention to the issue of safe browsing, avoid downloading suspicious attachments and don’t click on advertising banners or links.
    • Beware of emails and text messages inviting you to download or run programmes which you don’t know where they come from.
    • Remember to update your operating system and applications on your computer and smartphone.
    • Take care to download only official updates available from the manufacturers’ official websites. Use only the official app stores to download apps to your telephone.
    • Install adequate software protection on your devices (antivirus, personal firewall, etc.) and ensure they are always up to date.
    • For Android devices, the Google Play Protect service is available free of charge, offering protection against malware and harmful apps; you can check whether the service is enabled by launching Google Play > Menu > Play Protect;


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