Sale of to EQT

Mediobanca acted as sell-side financial advisor to Oakley Capital in the sale of to EQT

Please find below a brief description of the deal that saw Mediobanca acting as sell-side financial advisor to Oakley Capital in the sale of to EQT.

On September 17th 2020, Oakley Capital announced the sale of its Italian real estate classified business (trading under to EQT.

Oakley had acquired (together with the Luxembourg RE Portal for a total enterprise value of c. €133m) in January 2017 with Mediobanca advising on the buy-side.

Under its tenure, Oakley promoted a significant turnaround of the Italian operations securing Casa’s position in the market. Luxembourg operations were sold earlier in 2020.

Although the enterprise value is not disclosed, the Transaction marks a very successful exit for Oakley from its investment.

Mediobanca has been in constant dialogue with Oakley throughout its investment period and has been involved in various discussions regarding the possible exit.

The Transaction represents an important deal in the Italian on-line classifieds space and Mediobanca’s involvement testifies the strong relationship built with Oakley Capital over the years.



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