Major corporate lending deals

The Corporate Lending and Structured Finance team has a proven track record and professionalism, with capabilities across a broad range of products and sectors: mid- and large corporate, Italian and non-Italian, private equity funds, infrastructure funds, holding companies and financial institutions. Effective client coverage guaranteed by wide range of products offered: corporate loans, acquisition financing, infrastructure financing, LBOs, IPO financing, real estate financing and debt advisory.

Support to the client is provided in all phases of the deal, from definition of the optimal financial structure, to preparation of the legal documentation, to involvement of other banks or institutional investors during the syndication phase.

Remaining close to client event in post-closing phases, in order to provide pro-active management of the deal based on developments in the client’s needs and market scenario.

The Corporate Lending and Structured Finance team is market leader in Italian syndicated loans and has a growing footprint in other geographies as well, with direct coverage in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and coverage of other regions (including the United States, Nordics, Turkey and other European and non-European countries).

Team with proven track record and professionalism
Solid and diversified portfolio
Interaction with different types of clients
Wide range of products offered
Support to clients at all phases of the transaction
Consolidated position internationally and leader in Italian banking market

Last update: 08/01/2019