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    Mission and activities

    Mediobanca is one of the leading pan-European investment banks, providing bespoke solutions over a full range of products via dedicated teams with regional coverage and an international footprint.

    Where we operate

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    Why Mediobanca

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    • Mediobanca is the leading investment bank in Italy and one of the most important players in the European arena
    • Our people are our most valuable asset. We all share the culture, ethical principles and the pride that helped the Bank achieve 65 years of success
    • Working at Mediobanca means working in a fast and flexible environment where confidentiality is a treasured value
    • Because of our flat hierarchical structure, new joiners can benefit from working side by side with senior and experienced professionals to maximise their growth at such an early and fundamental stage of their careers
    • We always take a 360° approach to our clients with the goal of constantly addressing their needs in the medium-long term and to work hard to maintain their trust


    The centrality of the individual, protection of their rights, and the creation of a working environment which offers the same opportunities to all based on shared meritocratic criteria without discrimination, are a fundamental part of the Mediobanca corporate culture.

    Mediobanca guarantees equal treatment for all its staff and for all individuals linked to the Bank for professional reasons in any way (e.g. interns, consultants, leased staff, etc.), and candidates for professional positions in Mediobanca.

    In particular, Mediobanca guarantees that all the individuals listed above will be treated without distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, direct or indirect, based on:

    • age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, language, ethnic or national origins, physical or mental disabilities, pregnancy, maternity or paternity (including as parents of adopted children), personal convictions, political opinions, and/or trade unions or activities;
    • access to work, attribution of responsibilities and titles, transfers, disciplinary proceedings, promotions and training, including professional and career advancement, working conditions including pay, forms of complementary pension provision and benefits.
    • leveraging on diversity and protection of equal opportunities, as described expressly in the Bank’s Code of Ethics.



    Last update: 05/07/2016