The initial screening is made via the computer system which collects the CVs uploaded to the Mediobanca website, on the basis of objective criteria for the profiles sought, such as: qualifications and grades/marks, language skills, specialization, professional experience, willingness to relocate nationally and/or internationally, etc. Candidates with qualifications in line with the profile are contacted for a telephone interview, in which the job opportunity is described and the information contained in their CVs discussed.


    The initial screening is made on the basis of objective criteria for the profiles being sought, such as:
    • qualifications, grades, and time taken to graduate
    • professional experience
    • areas of specialization
    • language skills.
    The aim is to identify those candidates whose education and experience makes them best suited to performing the role for the position which the Bank is seeking to fill.


    Both for graduates and more experienced candidates, the first step in the selection process is to arrange a meeting with a representative of the Human Resources department. In these interviews the candidate’s aptitudes, education and professional experience are discussed in more depth, with the aim of assessing the degree to which they meet the position’s requirements.


    Candidates who come through the first interview are then involved in one or more technical interviews, which constitute the final phase of the selection process.
    These are interviews which focus on the candidate’s specialist capabilities and are carried out by the team members of the area where the successful candidate would work. Issues such as training, technical skills and work experience are discussed in greater depth.
    The candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge they have learnt at university in the workplace is analysed. In this case candidates may be provided with business cases to analyse.


    At the end of the selection process, the candidates who are closest to having the characteristics requested are identified and the individual candidates are informed of the outcome.
    Candidates who are not selected are informed via email that they have not been successful, within approximately one month of the final interview.


    Last update: 09/04/2018