The Mediobanca Group seeks to handle relations with its suppliers fairly and transparently.

Suppliers are selected based on their professional qualifications, organizational solidity and sustainability, and based on value for money. In particular every effort is made to avoid conflicts of interest, and the selection process is based on the principles of transparency and objectivity. In its relations with suppliers, the Mediobanca Group bases its conduct on fairness and integrity, seeking to raise awareness among the suppliers of the need for their services to be provided in accordance with the behavioural standards set out in its Code of Ethics.

In 2009, with the Group purchasing centralization project, we strengthened our organizational and process measures by:

  • assigning specific responsibilities to the centralized Group purchasing unit
  • instituting a list of suppliers, collecting the relevant documentation provided for in Italian legislative decree 81/08
  • adopting a technology platform to manage the purchasing process, among other things to ensure increased transparency in relations with suppliers.

All suppliers are required to comply with:

  • the regulations protecting the rights of the workers employed in the provision of the services, in particular the collective labour contracts for the relevant category
  • the provisions on social security, accident prevention and insurance, and the specific regulations on health and safety in the workplace
  • the principles set out in the Group’s Code of Ethics, once an order has been issued or a contract entered into.


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