fornitori mediobanca

Our supplier relationships are built on a straightforward, transparent and fair approach, and we encourage suppliers to adopt business standards consistent with our Code of Ethics.

We choose partners that we believe have the right professional know-how and skills, that have stable and sustainable organisations, and that offer the best value for money. In selecting partners, we seek to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that they are chosen on the basis of transparent and objective criteria.

The importance we place on the selection and management of our suppliers also encompasses social issues. As such, we require all our partners to comply with:

  • laws protecting worker rights and the provisions of collective bargaining agreements;
  • social security, workplace safety and workers’ insurance obligations and specific occupational health and safety regulations;
  • the principles set out in the Group’s Code of Ethics, when purchase orders are issued or a supply contract is signed.

By centralising procurement and assigning specific tasks and responsibilities to the Group Procurement unit, we have succeeded in strengthening our organisational and process controls. We now have a supplier library for all required documentation and also use a technology platform to support procurement processes and ensure transparency.

All suppliers managed by the Group Procurement unit are also asked to ensure as follows by means of a declaration:
"that all its staff are treated without distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, whether direct or indirect, based on their: age, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, religion, language, ethnic or national origins, physical or mental disabilities, state of pregnancy, maternity or paternity (including as a result of adoption), personal convictions, political opinions, and/or trade union affiliation or activities. The company also guarantees respect for diversity and non-discrimination at every stage of each employee’s working experience; it also safeguards the right and freedom of association and collective bargaining, rejects forced labour and child labour and any time of harassment, whether physical, verbal, sexual or psychological, abuse, threatening or intimidatory behaviour in the workplace, guaranteeing working conditions which are respectful and favourable for its staff, including for issues relating to payment. The company also declares that it will monitor its own sub-contractors with respect to compliance with the above requisites."

Last update: 12/02/2020