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We are investing in our people to develop their roles and abilities, which in turn helps us to grow as a company.

Professional development is essential for our growth and the growth of our people. As such, we guarantee adequate training, practical work experience, job mobility, performance assessments and career advancement and promotion opportunities. All of this is done on a meritocratic basis, ensuring equal opportunity and respect for individual needs, in line with our strategies and organisational requirements.

Our approach is underpinned by a Human Resources Management Policy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all the corporate bodies and officers involved in HR management, including the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the General Manager and the Human Resources Department. We also have specific policies that set out internal procedures and general principles for the recruitment, assessment and development of employees, training programmes and remuneration policies.







office workers


aged 30–50 years


employed in Italy

40 anni

average age


new hires


permanent contracts


*Excluding the 280 employees of Banca Esperia, acquired in the last quarter of the 2016/17 financial year


For more information, visit the Performance section of the website or see pp. 14–22 of our Sustainability Reporting.



As our business becomes increasingly international and the technology behind banking services evolves, we believe training plays a key role in investing in our people.

Training hours by content area

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We have delivered over 66,000 hours of training over the last year to office workers (56%), managers (40%) and executives (4%). As a proportion of total training, 32% consisted of specialist training, 18% of management training and 16% of language training. In addition, mandatory training was provided on health and safety, the Law 231 compliance programme, privacy, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, data protection, market abuse and information security.


Promoting safety

Making sure that our workplaces are safe is a priority for us. This has led us to establish a safety committee to co-ordinate and manage our safety management system, consisting of an Occupational Health and Safety Officer, an external doctor, an internal Group Safety Manager and a workers’ representative. Although our activities are not high-risk, Mediobanca Group adopts a prevention-based approach involving periodic inspections of workplaces, as well as safety meetings, training courses and information and awareness campaigns.



As a Group, we believe in our people and their professional ability, investing in their growth and skills. Thanks to an objective Performance Evaluation system, we can appraise individual performance and build training and development programmes that are consistent and effective for our business.

At the start of each year, performance targets are discussed with line managers and assigned to each employee on the basis of their job profile, organisational role and the strategic objectives of their function. Once the activity or project has been completed, each employee is assessed on the basis of the results achieved.

With a view to promoting talent, our “Succession Planning Policy” identifies 29 key positions – including executive director roles – for which internal people have been identified who could provide cover and ensure a smooth transition. Every year, the Chief Executive Officer and the General Manager, with the support of the Human Resources Department, select people who can step into key positions in the short and medium term. These people then receive targeted growth and development plans.

Finally, we manage remuneration policies carefully to ensure that all employees are treated fairly in terms of salary, supplementary retirement provisions and benefits.



For us, gender diversity and differing beliefs are to be valued as ways to enrich our culture and professional lives. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

We seek to foster a workplace in which diversity and personal and cultural perspectives are not only respected but treated as key drivers of success.

We ensure that all our employees are treated fairly, without distinction, exclusion, limitation or preference based on age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, language, ethnic or national background, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, motherhood and fatherhood (including through adoption), personal beliefs, political opinions, and trade union affiliation or activities.

Moreover, as a Group, we have chosen to support the Valore D association in its mission of promoting women leaders in business.



We recognise that respect for human rights is fundamental for our sustainability. Accordingly, we protect and promote human rights in our day-to-day business. Respect for the personhood and dignity of every employee is essential for creating a workplace built on mutual trust and loyalty, in accordance with legal obligations, in every region and business segment we work in.

We also seek to build trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, suppliers and commercial partners, and avoid any dealings with organisations implicated in illicit activities connected with potential human rights violations or abuses.

Last update: 24/11/2017