Our people

persone Mediobanca

We are investing in our people to develop their roles and abilities, which in turn helps us to grow as a company.

Professional development is essential for our growth and the growth of our people. As such, we guarantee adequate training, practical work experience, job mobility, performance assessments and career advancement and promotion opportunities. All of this is done on a meritocratic basis, ensuring equal opportunity and respect for individual needs, in line with our strategies and organisational requirements.

Our approach is underpinned by a Human Resources Management Policy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all the corporate bodies and officers involved in HR management, including the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the General Manager and the Human Resources Department. We also have specific policies that set out internal procedures and general principles for the recruitment, assessment and development of employees, training programmes and remuneration policies.







office workers


aged 30–50 years


employed in Italy

41 anni

average age


new hires


permanent contracts




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Last update: 04/10/2019