clienti mediobanca

As we go about our business, our goal is to combine profitability and competitiveness with strict ethical standards of conduct, based on the principles of honesty, professionalism, transparency and loyalty to our clients.

Customer satisfaction is fundamental to us and we place great importance on how we manage and maintain client relationships.

For this reason we choose to offer a high quality of service, along with solutions that can meet all our clients’ needs, adapting our range of products quickly to the changing demands and expectations of our clientele.

A key aspect of our approach revolves around listening to our clients and constantly engaging with them. In particular, we have conducted a series of customer satisfaction surveys with Compass and CheBanca! to identify critical areas that require priority action.

There are two more keywords that sum up our approach: simplicity and transparency. By being clear in our communication and providing simple, easy-to-understand information, we enable our clients to make fully-informed decisions.

To this end, on the Compass website we have published the new Bank of Italy Guide to “Consumer Credit Made Easy” ("Il Credito ai consumatori in parole semplici"). The guide provides practical information on how to choose a loan and calculate its costs, and explains consumers’ main rights. Other explanatory documents for the product range are also available on the website.

Through CheBanca! we have set up Yellow Advice, a service offering news and information on the world of finance, including an online dictionary and virtual learning tutorials.

Financial education

For more information on this topic and on our commitment to financial education, visit the “Culture, Research and Innovation” page.

We care about the privacy of our clients and are committed to protecting their personal data and information from unauthorised or accidental access, loss or disclosure. To guarantee the privacy of our client relationships, we have adopted specific data protection policies and directives that are designed to manage risks and allow our customers to place their trust in us.

Last update: 01/12/2017