Mediobanca is the leading investment bank in Italy. For over 60 years we have helped our clients grow, offering high-quality advisory services and providing finance in all its various forms, from more traditional bank credit to the most sophisticated solutions available on capital markets.

Discretion and prompt execution are the hallmarks of our service, delivered by a streamlined unit of skilled bankers noted for their keen team spirit and strong sense of corporate identity, whose actions are always based on the highest ethical values and principles. In Italy Mediobanca has always been near to the top of the M&A and IPO league tables.

Within the Group, Banca Esperia offers advisory services on philanthropic initiatives in support of clients, entities and charitable foundations, in three areas in particular:

  • Philanthropic initiatives governance: support in identifying and setting up the best vehicles and instruments to resolve governance issues, such as philanthropic trusts, donor advised funds and community foundations.
  • “Social finance” products: support in fund raising via innovative social finance instruments, such as funds with proceeds used for philanthropic purposes.
  • Impact investing (private club deals): support in identifying investments with social impact by analysing totalling non-profit projects, projects with a non-profit/profit mix of objectives, and traditional profit projects with social impact.



Duemme Social Impact is a balanced fund with global diversification managed by Duemme SGR, the Banca Esperia group’s fund management arm, which adopts a flexible style in order to optimize the exposure to global equity and bond markets, with constant and scrupulous risk monitoring. From the investor’s viewpoint, the fund has a low risk level and has daily liquidity. It allows the investor to achieve returns which are similar to those of the best products available on the market, while at the same time providing ongoing support to philanthropic activity. The fund guarantees that part of the equity is distributed on a recurring basis, for all years in which the sums remain invested, thus enabling the beneficiaries to plan activities and projects.

The philanthropic quality of the fund consists of the fact that Banca Esperia manages the fund by charging management fees which are 50% lower than the market average, and devotes the remainder to the activities of a series of charitable associations. Furthermore, no performance fees are charged. In this way the overall cost incurred by the investor is in line with market standards, while at the same time allowing non-profit activities to be supported. The client can select an organization in particular to be the beneficiary of the whole amount at the point when they subscribe to the fund.

Other funds previously launched by Banca Esperia for philanthropic purposes include:

  • Duemme San Patrignano
  • Duemme Comitato Maria Letizia Verga
  • Duemme Banco Alimentare
  • Duemme Cometa
  • Duemme Amref Health Africa
  • Duemme Mission Bambini


Banca Esperia is the first Italian bank to use the trust instrument for charitable purposes as an alternative to more traditional instruments such as foundations. It is these charitable objectives, which are formalized in the deed of institution, which have enabled the Esperia trust to become one of the first in Italy to attain charity status and thus benefit from the tax breaks provided for by the Italian regulations for non-profit organizations. The exclusive mission of Esperia Philanthropy Onlus is to pursue social solidarity objectives by making non-profit cash payments to entities. The trust is replenished by Banca Esperia and remains open to donations from third-party benefactors also, who are free to indicate a specific beneficiary for their donation if they want to. In this way they are able to take an active part in the development of projects with exclusive guarantees in terms of efficiency and security, while at the same time taking advantage of the tax breaks.

Esperia Philanthropy Onlus is managed by a trustee, an external and independent party which pursues the objectives stated in the deed of institution, namely Esperia Trust Company Srl, a Banca Esperia group company set up in 2005, and the first Italian trust company of banking origin. The trustee is assisted by the two bodies stipulated in the trust’s deed of institution, the Guardian and the Committee of Guarantors. The former is responsible for directing and controlling the trustee’s operations, expressing its own, independent and necessary opinion regarding the management activity, whereas the latter provides support in identifying the optimal action strategies.


Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. is an Italian fashion company operating in the luxury goods sector specializing in cashmere. In little time it has become one of the most exclusive brands worldwide in the informal luxury segment.

The success of Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. draws on the company’s “made in Italy” culture, based on high quality, skilled craftsmanship, relevance and exclusiveness of products. The company has always gone about its business in the medieval hill town of Solomeo, just outside Perugia.

Mediobanca is financial partner of Brunello Cuccinelli, an entrepreneur who is unique in terms of the originality and ethical content of his products and strategies, which seek to create value for the local area, history and people.


Hera S.p.A. (the "Company") has made a bond issue against the Euro Medium Term Notes(EMTN) programme in a total aggregate principal amount of €500m, to be placed exclusively with institutional investors.

The proceeds from the issue will be used to repay early some of the company’s borrowings taken out to finance some eco-sustainable projects and to finance new projects of this kind.

Such projects are aimed in particular at pursuing the following objectives: tackling climate change; improving air quality; improving water purification quality and waste material recovery.

Mediobanca was Joint Bookrunner and Dealer Manager on the offer.


Last update: 24/03/2017