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As a Group – and as people – we believe in the power of inclusion to restore the social connections that we often see weakening nowadays. Above all, we have chosen to promote sport as a way to bring people together and share values.

Our most recent initiative – the CheBanca! Academy of Woodworking (“L’accademia del Legno”) – set up in co-operation with Fondazione Cometa, addresses the issue of social inclusion in the workplace for young people from difficult social, economic and personal backgrounds, as indeed does the INSIEME/TOGETHER project, now in its second year, is our latest initiative to promote sport for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and at risk of exclusion, by targeting pupils at primary and secondary schools in several outer-Milan districts. In 2018 we held the second edition of the Mediobanca Group Sport Camp, a multi-sport camp which was run at the “Cesare Beccaria” young offenders’ institution in Milan, to offer the detainees a week of sport, competition in an atmosphere of respect for rules and fair play.

In 2018, with the “The Prisoners Ask Why” initiative, we invited some major Italian writers to come with us to various prisons to offer the inmates an opportunity to ask them some of their most profound questions. We also confirmed our support for Don Gnocchi foundation, directing it in particular to the sporting and social/educational activities provided by the Centro Vismara towards the south of Milan, to ensure that young people with disabilities have access to sport as well. We are also continuing with our commitment to VIDAS to complete the construction of the Casa Sollievo Bimbi, a respite facility in which children with illnesses will receive competent, loving care together with their families.

In 2016, we teamed up with the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) for the #Oltre (“Beyond”) project, aimed at spreading the values of Paralympic sport as a way to encourage social integration, and to celebrate a culture of achievement and fair play.

We are committed to a number of other initiatives for the social inclusion of children and young people. In the UK, through Cairn Capital, we support the Coram Foundation, which directly supports vulnerable children and their families, and STOP the Traffik, which campaigns against human trafficking. Through Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, we also support the Monaco Hotel Management School, which trains talented young people for the luxury tourism and hospitality industry, a key sector of Monaco’s economy.

As RAM Active Investments we operate via RAM Active Philanthropy Foundation which is active with: the UNHCR, the leading world organization working at the front line to save human lives and protect the rights of millions of refugees; Fondation Miracles, which, via the MIRACLES CENTRE in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina), provides prostethic care for the highest possible number of persons disabled by or victims of anti-personnel mines; and Children of the Dawn, which helps orphans and children of HIV-positive parents in various aparts of southern Africa.

Finally, we are a partner of the Valore D Association, which promotes women leaders in business and in 2018 signed their Manifesto for women in the workplace, reiterating our commitment to making gender diversity a value.

CheBanca! Academy of Woodworking Launched - Mediobanca Group working with Fondazione Cometa to provide employment opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

A joint venture between CheBanca!, the Mediobanca Group and the social co-operative Contrada degli Artigiani run by the Fondazione Cometa, has given rise to the social artisanal enterprise initiative known as the CheBanca! Academy of Woodworking (“l’Accademia del Legno”).

The project aims to offer employment opportunities to young people with social, economic and personal difficulties, with the objective of becoming a sustainable and self-standing business within the next three years, providing services and products of excellence in the field of furniture and interior design.

In the next three years, Contrada degli Artigiani, via the CheBanca! Academy of Woodworking, will invest in the professional development of six young people who are either unemployed or who come from a difficult personal situation. At the end of their training, some of the students will be taken on by the Academy, while the others will be able to approach the workplace with confidence having acquired new skills. The Academy will also offer 24 apprenticeships aimed at helping other young people with similarly challenging backgrounds to find their way in the workplace.

By the end of their time with the Academy, all graduates will have acquired the skills necessary to embark on a career in the woodworking profession, one of the flagship “made in Italy” industries.

This project further strengthens the Mediobanca Group’s commitment to social inclusion initiatives, this time in the employment area, for young people from less fortunate backgrounds, in particular through CheBanca! which has always been closely involved with the needs of the households and areas in which it operates, providing concrete responses to the financial planning requirements of its customers which often are focused on realizing the objectives of the younger members of the households.

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Manifesto for women in the workplace

Mediobanca has signed the Manifesto for women in the workplace, reiterating our focus on gender inclusion issues.

The Manifesto is being manifesto occupazione femminilepromoted by Valore D, an association of companies which seeks to promote diversity, talent and female leadership for the growth of businesses and the Italian nation in general.

In particular the Group is committed to:
  • Instituting careful monitoring of the number of women working for the company, with the objective of improving gender disparity indicators
  • Increasing female representation in all areas of the business, supporting their development including through appropriate training programmes and instruments which can facilitate the need to balance work and home commitments.
The Group, which currently has a headcount of around 4,600 staff with women accounting for more than 40% of the professionals, has been providing additional support to employees on maternity leave since 2012 by adhering to the “Un fiocco in azienda” initiative.

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The Prisoners Ask Why

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Mediobanca and Tempo di Libri have launched a project to promote social inclusion in prisons through reading.
The project, which is being promoted by Mediobanca and non-profit organization L’Arte di vivere con Lentezza in conjunction with the annual publishing fair Tempo di Libri, has been created with a view to Fostering social inclusion in prisons through reading.

Five institutions are taking part in The Prisoners Ask Why: San Vittore (Milan), Piacenza, Pavia, Bollate, and the “Cesare Beccaria” young offender institution in Milan.
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The initiative, which is based on the schools programme The Why? Game also developed by Tempo di Libri, brings some of the most authoritative voices in Italian narrative face-to-face with a series of questions, or “Whys?” asked by the inmates of the prisons involved.

The questions, which are collected and sent in advance to the authors, will be answered at a series of meetings to be held in the five institutions, starting with the “Torre del Gallo” in Pavia on 13 February 2018.

In continuity with the Mediobanca Sport Camp organized for young offenders at the “Cesare Beccaria” institute in Milan, the project aims to provide inmates with a window on the outside world, through the answers given by the authors to their profoundest questions.

Some of the “Whys?” collected to date may be found here: why?
For further information on the project: press release

Don Gnocchi Foundation


The Mediobanca Group’s support for the Don Gnocchi Foundation, a non-profit organization, forms part of our commitment to social inclusion in line with our strategic decision to promote sport as a way to bring people together and share values.

Mediobanca has worked alongside the Don Gnocchi Foundation for some years, and has decided to direct its contribution specifically to the sporting and social/educational activities offered by the Centro Vismara towards the south of Milan


The Centre’s activities include the “Sport exclusively for allproject, the purpose of which is to ensure that children and young people with disabilities too have equal access to sport and physical education.

The initiative is addressed primarily to children and young people living in the suburbs to the south of Milan, and provides further confirmation of Mediobanca’s commitment to promoting social integration in the city’s suburban areas.


Mediobanca Group INSIEME

Now in its second year, the project, organized in partnership with CUS Milano Rugby and sponsored by the City of Milan, promotes social inclusion through sport in a number of areas on the outskirts of the city. In 2017 the project launched in the Quarto Oggiaro neighbourhood, and this year will be extended to the Via Padova district as well, to be followed by the Baggio area in 2019, with the goal of reaching at least 1,500 boys and girls aged between 8 and 14.

All the activity is arranged and managed by CUS Milano Rugby through a team of instructors and qualified technical staff, and will involve the classes of schools in the areas trying their hands at rugby, volleyball and athletics, with afternoon classes running throughout the whole year.

The sporting activity will be assisted by the presence of a sport psychologist and doctor to certify that the children are able to take part in the sports. Participants will be given all materials needed to take part free of charge.

The INSIEME/TOGETHER project celebrated a major milestone on 3 May 2018, with the unveiling of new rugby and volleyball pitches at the Sant’Agnese parish oratory in the Quarto Oggiaro area of Milan. This year, following an agreement with the Milan City Council, a large area of parkland between Via Padova, Via Cambini and Via Palmanova will be redeveloped for the new sports facilities to be used by the children in the area.

For more information, visit:

Progetto INSIEME

Mediobanca group Sport Camp

The Mediobanca Sport Camp is an initiative developed in conjunction with the Milan City Council to promote social inclusion and sporting values which runs at the “Cesare Beccaria” young offenders’ institute in Milan.

The second year of the Mediobanca Sport Camp confirmed our commitment to support young people at risk of social exclusion.

Launched in 2017 in co-operation with the former captain of the Italian national rugby team Diego Dominguez and his staff, this year too, the Camp involved around forty young offenders aged 16 to 21, involving them in four sports: rugby, football, swimming and ultimate.

This year we strengthened our commitment further through the direct involvement of some of our own staff. A team of 12 Mediobanca employees worked with the Camp staff in the course of the week. Some champion sportsmen also took part, to help guide the young people in their training: Federico Morlacchi (four gold medals and the 2016 Rio Paralympics) for swimming, Daniele Massaro and Filippo Galli for football.

The CUS Milano rugby team and the AC Milan Primavera squad also took part in the tournament finals, thus helping to develop the young athletes’ social skills in a setting promoting fair and healthy competition.

To help translate the Camp’s objective into practice, various sessions were also devoted to sharing the values and spirit of sport: loyalty, discipline, solidarity, responsibility and teamwork.

Italian Paralympic Committee

On 12 May 2016, Mediobanca Group teamed up with the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) to help support and spread the values of Paralympic sport.

Mediobanca, Compass and CheBanca! have worked with the CIP at leading events such as the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (7–18 September 2016), and will continue to do so at the Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The partnership also covers the Italian Paralympic Awards, National Paralympic Day (2016, 2018 and 2020), and all national and international events promoted by the CIP and dedicated to the Paralympic ideal.

The Italian Paralympic Committee is a confederation of national Paralympic sports federations. It was established in March 2005 to coordinate and organise sporting events across the country and to promote Paralympic sports as a means to the social and cultural integration of people with disabilities. The CIP is the Paralympic counterpart of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).


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