Respecting Human Rights is an important principle for everyone at Mediobanca. We work constantly to spread and promote a culture of corporate responsibility among our people and in our relations with external stakeholders.

Within the group, we have incorporated the commitment to protecting the fundamental rights of our people in our Sustainability Policy, where we affirm respect for diversity and non-discrimination, protection of the right and liberty of association and collective bargaining, guarantee of high standards of workplace health and safety protection, rejection of forced labour and child labour and all types of workplace harassment.

In addition, we raise employee awareness of the impacts that our business can have on Human Rights. To this end, we have created the “Sustainability and Human Rights” course, which delves deeper into the concept of the indirect impact, focussing on respect for human rights.

Externally, we feel it is essential to establish relationships based on transparency and collaboration with customers, suppliers and business partners, particularly as regards the contexts, situations and transactions concerned by potential risks of conflicts or violations. And this is why we have included respect for Human Rights also in our Code of Ethics.

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