Who we are

Mediobanca is the leading investment bank in Italy

For over 60 years we have helped our clients grow, offering high-quality advisory services and providing finance in all its various forms, from more traditional bank credit to the most sophisticated solutions available on capital markets.

Discretion and prompt execution are the hallmarks of our service, delivered by a streamlined unit of skilled bankers noted for their keen team spirit and strong sense of corporate identity, whose activity is always based on the highest ethical values and principles.

The Proprietary Funding team is responsible for structuring, issuing and placing debt products, the proceeds from which are used to finance the Bank’s activity. Funds are raised, with the help of the Bank’s high credit rating, primarily through the issuance of securities, plain vanilla and structured. Securities are placed with retail investors through public offerings (made via individual banking networks, including that of the Italian post office, on an exclusive basis or via syndicates of banks) and sales made directly over the electronic bond market operated by Borsa Italiana (MOT). Demand from institutional investors is met through public offerings on the Euromarket and through private placements of products customized on the basis of each subscriber’s individual requirements.

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