Salone del Risparmio 2012


The Salone del Risparmio is the most important Italian event that is exclusively focused on the asset management industry.

A yearly event that brings together all entities and individuals working in the field: SGRs (Asset Management Companies), SIMs (Stock Brokerage Firms), foreign investment companies, distribution networks, institutional investors, financial salesmen and service companies.
The Salone is also a public event, attended by private investors, students and citizens, who are welcome to visit the Trade Show and meet those directly involved in the field to learn more about the products available in the market, gather useful information and thus make the most of their investments.

What aims does this event pursue? It aims at promoting the exchange of information and the development of commercial relationships within the market, as well as strengthening the identity of the asset management industry and contributing to its growth.

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Newsletter Numero 10 - 6 Marzo 2012 - Le banche alla prova della crisi del debito

Conferenza 20 aprile 2012, ore 12.00, prego cliccare qui.