Financial markets

On capital markets we assist with equity transactions (IPOs, capital raising, convertible bonds), placement of debt instruments, and as a broker.



We can advise companies on adjusting their financial structure, for example through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), raising capital, and issuing convertible bonds. We also operate in equity brokerage (through Mediobanca Securities) and corporate transactions (equity investments and treasury shares).


Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

We are the leader in Italy and have an increasing international presence in the structuring, coordination and execution of capital market transactions, including:
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Rights offerings
  • Secondary offerings and Accelerated Bookbuilding Offers (ABO)
  • Convertible bonds

Equity Capital Markets Deals

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Mediobanca Securities

Mediobanca Securities is our equity brokerage division. We now have over 50 staff based in London, Milan, Paris and New York, providing an integrated equity sales, research and trading service for over 100 Italian companies as well as international stocks.

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Equity Solutions

Our Equity Solutions team structures and executes corporate transactions involving equity investments and treasury shares, including:
  • Recourse and non-recourse equity-backed financing
  • Management of equity investments: yield enhancement, hedging and monetisation
  • Structuring and financing for the acquisition of listed equities
  • Management of treasury shares and hedging of stock option plans
  • Capital structure optimisation
  • Structuring and hedging of equity-linked products and M&A derivatives.

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Equity Derivatives Institutional Marketing

We offer our clients – mainly institutional investors – investment solutions indexed to financial markets, adjusting their complexity depending on needs, from “plain vanilla” solutions to more “exotic” options.

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Equity Finance

We offer solutions in the areas of securities lending solutions (stock loans, synthetic products, exclusive lending/borrowing programs, etc.), equity repos and cash financing.

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We assist with bond issues, private placements and the structuring of solutions based on interest rates, lending and alternative products.


Debt Capital Markets

Our Debt Capital Markets team supports industrial and financial clients with issuing debt instruments (bonds and asset-backed securities), which may be placed publicly or privately. Our offering covers all phases – from structuring to distribution – and all the main product types (senior bonds, covered bonds, junior bonds, hybrids, securitisations, etc.).

Debt Capital Markets Deals

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CRAL Solutions

The services offered by our CRAL Solutions team are mainly for institutional clients seeking to restructure their portfolios, structure investment products, boost asset liquidity and diversify their sources of financing.
Services include structuring products based on interest rates, lending and alternative products, to meet the investment needs of clients ranging from privates to corporate treasury departments, as well as capital optimisation for financial institutions.

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As well as the reports produced by Mediobanca Securities to assist with financial brokerage, we also carry out studies of companies and domestic and international financial markets. Our research is renowned for quality information, objectivity and original methodology. Our research covers two main areas: analysis of financial markets and company reports.

The latest publications are available from our research unit.

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Last update: 11/02/2019