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R&S: Italian Fashion Industry Report

Fashion: a key Italian business sector


R&S Mediobanca updates the annual Italian Fashion Sector survey on the occasion of Fashion Week


Milan, 23 February 2016


R&S Mediobanca presents the annual survey of Italy's leading Fashion Groups with an outline of the financial statements for the period 2010-2014 and the first nine months of 2015.

The analysis looks at the 143 top fashion companies based in Italy that recorded a turnover of at least Euro 100 million in 2014. It also focuses on the 15 biggest groups in the world of fashion, the Top15Fashion brands.


Among the points worth noting: monobrand stores prove resilient, with tourist and online shopping growing strongly; Italian fashion has outperformed large manufacturing industry in terms of growth, profitability and financial solidity (few debts and substantial cash resources), driven by the  Italian fashion Top 15; Italian fashion sector smaller than the French, but just as dynamic.


The complete survey can be downloaded from

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