Ordinary general meetings called

The Board of Directors meeting which was held on today’s date resolved to convene on 28 October 2014, in a single call, the Shareholders’ Assembly with the following agenda:

1.    Financial statement at 30 June 2014, report by the Board of Directors on management and the Auditor’s Report; Statutory Auditors’ Report; resulting resolutions

2.    Appointment of the Board of Directors following the determination of the number of members and the respective fees

3.    Appointment of the members and Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors; determination of the respective fees

4.    Policies on Remuneration

The Reports to the Assembly with regard to points 2 and 3 on the agenda are available as of today in the company’s registered offices and Borsa Italiana S.p.A. as well as on the websites www.mediobanca.com Corporate Governance/Shareholders’ Assembly 2014 Section and www.1Info.it (website for regulatory information of listed issuers authorised by Consob). With the same procedure the Report to the Assembly is also available on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the Board of Directors which was approved on 4 July 2014 and which provides complementary recommendations to shareholders who intend to present lists for the appointment of Board Members.

The documentation relating to points 1 and 4 of the agenda will be examined by the Board of Directors during the meeting on 17 September 2014. The call notice will be published in accordance with the legal conditions.


Milan, 17 July 2014