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Homage to Cesare Beccaria

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To celebrate the completion of the National Edition of the Complete Works of Cesare Beccaria, Mediobanca has organized a “Homage to Cesare Beccaria”, an event which will take place on Wednesday, 11 November 2015 at 4.00 p.m. in the AGM Room of Mediobanca (see attached invitation).

The National Edition of the Complete Works of Cesare Beccaria consists of sixteen volumes, and brings together all the great Lombard thinker’s works, many of which are unknown or unpublished, in a single collection. The National Edition is much more than a collection of Beccaria’s full works, though: it is a full critical edition, with appendices, commentaries, and critical essays providing a full history of each of Beccaria’s writings.

The decision to publish an edition of all Cesare Beccaria’s writings had its origins in Mediobanca’s desire to honour the memory of Adolfo Tino, the Bank’s Chairman for more than twenty years. Tino himself, in his person and activities, stood for the same ideals of justice and involvement in public life which so characterized the works of Cesare Beccaria two centuries previously.

Last update: 15/07/2016