High-quality, specialized, customer-driven operator

Leading investment bank in Italy... Revenue by product (2013-16 avg.)
Unique positioning in Italy:
  • leader in M&A and ECM (1st in 2001-16 cumulative ranking by value and number of deals1);
  • sizeable market share also in lending and DCM

Recognized and trusted brand with strong history, culture and corporate identity

Wide expertise and track record in Italian corporate world with client relations-driven approach

...with an improving European footprint Revenue by country (2013-16 avg.)

Non-domestic countries largely covered by local IB and bulge-bracket firms

Core Europe: mature but very large corporate market in which MB has a sub-optimal market share

Even “small bites of the big cake” have material impact on the relatively small-size MB balance sheet


1) Source: Thomson Financial, Dealogic, deals completed, “any Italian involvement”