Compass: the Italian market leader   Top 5 Italian players (6M16 Assofin) Mkt share New loans (€bn) Y.o.Y

With 2.2 million customers, a loan stock of more than €11bn and new loans totalling €6bn, Compass is a leading Italian consumer lending player (10-11% market share).

With the acquisition of Linea in 2007, Compass achieved its current distribution platform based on 164 Compass branches and a variety of distribution agreements with banks (around 7,000 bank branches, almost the largest network in Italy), post offices, car retailers and other retailers.


  Unicredit 16.1% 5.0 +51%
  Findomestic 11.9% 3.7 +28%
  Compass 10.4% 3.2 +8%
  Agos Ducato  9.6% 3.0 +7%
  Intesa  7.6% 2.4 +9%
  Total market 100% 31.1 +20%
  Source: Assofin      
Compass new loans (12m June 16)
New loans YoY trend, Compass market share (Jan-Dec period)