chebanca! total financial asset

    The Mediobanca Group has direct access to the retail deposits market through its subsidiary CheBanca!.

    CheBanca!, founded in 2008, has achieved strong commercial results: approx. €6bn in deposits raised during its first year of operation have increased subsequently to reach €13.8bn as at 31/12/2016, with more than 770,000 customers.

    Approx. €6.9bn in indirect funding is added to the direct deposits to make total funding of approx. €20.7bn.

    The objective of CheBanca! is increasingly to be an operator more and more focused of householders’ asset management, facilitating in this way the reconversion of direct to indirect funding and growth in AuM.


    CheBanca! total financial asset breakdown (December 2016; €bn)

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    Last update: 01/03/2017