We are structuring our sustainability process through the adoption of an integrated strategy, able to combine business growth and financial solidity with social and environmental sustainability, creating value in the long-term.

The sustainability objectives were inserted in the strategic plan, proof of our commitment to integrating CSR in the business and financial strategies. We have defined the targets with the intention to contribute to the pursuit of six of the 17 macro objectives described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), dedicating our efforts to help generate positive change at global level.

The commitments we have undertaken focus on two priority areas, and have been incorporated into qualitative and quantitative targets that can be measured over time, including:

  • Responsible investments: evaluation of 100% of new investments by the group’s Asset Management companies also using ESG criteria
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  • Equal opportunities: guarantee of equal gender representation
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  • Support for the energy transition: issue of ESG bonds for a value of €500 million.
  • Reduction in direct environmental impact: 27% reduction in CO2 emissions and increase in company hybrid cars to 90% of the total car fleet
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  • Contribution to economic growth: investments of €700 million in small and medium Italian companies
  • Support to the local community: €4 million in investments per year in social and environmental projects

The group’s commitment to sustainability has also been solidified with the integration of qualitative and quantitative ESG objectives in the Long-Term Incentive Plan intended for the top management and linked to the attainment of the pre-established objectives in the strategic plan. 


  • Avg. training hours up 25%, to enhance employees’ competences


  • ~50% of female profiles to be considered for external selections
  • All suitable female profiles to be considered for internal promotions and/or vacancies


  • Asset Management: 100% of new investments screened also with ESG criteria
  • €700m investments in Italian excellent SMEs
  • % of ESG qualified funds (ex SFDR art. 8&9) to reach 40% of total funds in Affluent clients’ portfolio1

1) Target reviewed as reached ahead of time (original: ESG qualified products in clients’ portfolio +30%) 


  • €4m per year in projects with positive social/environmental impact
  • MB Social Impact Fund: AUM increase at least ≥ 20%


  • 40% of procurement expenses assessed with CSR criteria
  • Customer satisfaction:
    CheBanca! CSI on core segment² @73, NPS @25
    Compass: CSI @85, NPS @55


  • Energy: 941% from renewable sources, CO2 emissions down 272%; hybrid cars @90% of MB fleet
  • ESG Bond issue: €500m
  • RAM: first issue of a carbon neutral fund
  • CheBanca! green mortgages up 50%

1. Target adjusted from the original (92%) 
2. For Scope 1 + Scope 2 Market-based, named users. Target adjusted from the original (15%) 

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