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At a Board meeting held today, the directors of Mediobanca, at the Appointments Committee’s proposal, co-opted Christian Collin (General Manager of Groupama) and Alessandro Decio (Unicredit group), both of whom qualify as independent under the provisions of Article 148, para. 3 of the Italian Consolidated Banking Act, and Bruno Ermolli, who qualifies as independent under Article 148, para. 3 of the Italian Consolidated Banking Act and also the Code of conduct in respect of listed companies.
The new directors’ CVs may be found on the Bank’s website at

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In addition, five years after his death the Board recalled with deep gratitude the person of Vincenzo Maranghi and his work on behalf of Mediobanca in the more than thirty years spent as part of its management. As a way of linking his memory with the Bank more stably, the Board unanimously approved a resolution to name the newly-established historical archive after Mr Maranghi. The Vincenzo Maranghi Historical Archive will be comprised within the Mediobanca Research Area and will be headed up by Fulvio Coltorti. An advisory committee will be established, with Giorgio La Malfa as chairman, with responsibilities for governing the archive’s activities, initiatives and publications, which will only involve documents and affairs more than forty years’ old. In line with the practice of the leading historical archives, the Vincenzo Maranghi Historical Archive will be digital in both nature and content.


Milan, 27 June 2012