Press release - Financial statements for period ended 30 June 2012 approved

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Board of Directors’ Meeting

Milan, 20 September 2012

Financial statements for period ended 30 June 2012 approved

11.5% Core Tier1, 9% ROTE adj.
Normalized PBT(1)   up 6% to €563m
Proposed dividend (2) : €0.05 per share (52% payout)


  • In an extremely difficult operating scenario, the Mediobanca Group’s results for the twelve months reflect stronger financials and a positive performance in banking activities:
    • Core Tier1 ratio up to 11.5%; NSFR(3)  well above 100%
    • Reduction in riskiness of assets:
      • exposure to equity reduced by €2bn
      • risk profile of some corporate exposures substantially improved
      • government bond portfolio increased, with shorter duration
    • Normalized PBT¹ up 6% to €563m, despite the strong pressure on revenues and the increase in the cost of risk in the second half of the year especially. The main items performed as follows:
      • revenues flat at €1,990m (€1,983m), with net interest income stable at €1,070m; trading was strongly positive (up 41% to €267m), offsetting the reduction in fee income (down 7% to €483m);
      • operating costs down 4% to €789m, with personnel expenses down 6% (employee headcount stable at 3,500); cost/income ratio down 2 points, to 40%;
      • cost of risk up 10 bps, to 130 bps; asset quality remained good (NPLs/loans=0.6%; total bad loans/loans=2.4%)
    • Contribution from securities and equity investments heavily negative, at minus €402m (minus €53m), representing the balance between:
      • profits from investments: €170m (€203m), due to lower contribution from AG
      • writedowns to PI stakes: €191m (€113m Telco, €78m RCS)
      • writedowns/net losses on AFS securities: €382m
    • Group net profit: €81m (€369m)
    • ROTE adj. confirmed at 9%
    • Proposed dividend: €0.05 per share, corresponding to a payout of 52%

 (1) Normalized net profit: excl. PI contribution and before writedowns to securities and investments.
 (2) To be taken from the Bank’s reserves.
 (3) NSFR= net stable funding ratio.


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