Corporate Social Responsibility

As determined by the Board of Directors on 14 June 2017, our Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all activities connected with sustainability.

In this, he is supported by a CSR Committee (Corporate Social Responsibility) and a Group Sustainability Unit.

Shaping the Mediobanca’s already sensitive approach to doing business with new skills, corporate culture and governance…

2017 Structure set up
Sustainability Unit
Group CSR Committee
Group Sustainability Policy
Materiality Matrix
First Group Sustainability Report
2018 - First Consolidated Non-Financial Statement and targets
Directive on Responsible Investing approved (in line with Group Sustainability Policy)
Materiality Matrix updated (via multi-stakeholder forum)
Participants in UN Global Compact First Consolidated Non-Financial Statement
2019 - Group policy on responsible lending and investing

…to meet all counterparties’ demands with our acknowledged ethical approach (data as at 30/06/2019)

Solid profitability
Dividend distribution
Robust capital provision
4,805 staff
58% men
42% women
92,141 hours’
6,613 tons of CO2 saved

100% of the electricity consumed in Italy from renewable sources
€ 3.2m invested in the community in three areas:

* Environment and territory
* Culture research and innovation
* Social inclusion
* Compass – 2,282,074
* CheBanca! – 867,000

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Last update: 30/10/2019