Statutory Audit Committee

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The Statutory Audit Committee performs the duties and functions provided for under the regulations in force. In particular it is responsible for monitoring:

  • compliance with legal, regulatory and statutory requirements, and observance of the principles of correct management;
  • the adequacy of the organizational and administrative/accounting structure of the company and its financial reporting process; 
  • the thoroughness, adequacy, functioning and reliability of the internal controls system and the risk appetite framework; 
  • the legal auditing process for the annual and consolidated accounts; 
  • the independence of the legal external auditors, in particular insofar as regards the provision of non-audit services;
  • the thoroughness, adequacy, functioning and reliability of the business continuity plan. 

The Statutory Audit Committee is vested with the powers provided for under regulatory provisions in force, and reports to the Bank of Italy on operating irregularities or breaches of regulations detected in the course of its duties.

Composition and requisites

The Statutory Audit Committee consists of three standing auditors and three alternate auditors.

Member Position
Natale Freddi* Chairman
Laura Gualtieri♦ Standing Auditor
Gabriele Villa♦ Standing Auditor
Alessandro Trotter♦ Alternate Auditor
Barbara Negri♦ Alternate Auditor
Silvia Olivotto* Alternate Auditor
♦ Taken from the list submitted by shareholder UniCredit S.p.A., owner of 8.65% of the company’s share capital.
* Taken from the minority list submitted by a group of investors owning 1.699% of the company’s share capital.


Last update: 14/07/2016