Performance Share scheme

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In connection with the equity instruments to be used as components of staff remuneration, Mediobanca has adopted a performance share scheme, approved by shareholders at the annual general meeting to be held on 28 October 2015.

The scheme involves the award of Mediobanca shares to beneficiaries as the equity component of the variable remuneration awarded to them as a result of the annual or long-term performance assessment process. The shares awarded are assigned to the beneficiaries in practice at the end of a vesting period of at least three years – two years for the upfront component – provided that the beneficiaries are still employed by the Group and that the performance conditions stipulated in the remuneration policies in force at the time regarding the sustainability of the results achieved have been met, without prejudice to the company’s capital solidity and liquidity and/or proper individual conduct.

The performance shares awarded as deferred equity component, after the performance conditions for the reference year have been checked, are subject to a further holding period of at least one year prior to the their actual assignation, which remains conditional upon the beneficiary continuing to work for Mediobanca. The performance shares awarded as upfront equity component are subject to a holding period of two years prior to their actual assignation, which remains conditional upon the beneficiary continuing to work for the Group.

The Chief Executive Officer may also use this instrument outside the annual award cycle, to define remuneration packages upon the occasion of recruiting new key staff. The governing bodies may also award quantities of performance shares as part of compensation agreed in respect of early termination of the working relationship, to correlate it to the performance delivered and the risks taken by the individual and the Bank, as required by the regulations in force and consistent with the provisions of the remunerations policies in force at the time.

The maximum number of shares that may be awarded under the terms of the existing scheme is 20 million, from the capital increase reserved for award to Mediobanca Group staff members before 28 October 2020, pursuant to Article 2349 of the Italian Civil Code, which was approved by shareholders on 28 October 2015. Alternatively and/or in addition, those of the 15,736,786 treasury shares held by the Bank and not reserved for other purposes may be used to this end. At present a total of 9.586.670 shares have been awarded but not assigned, 65,177 from the treasury share holdings and the other 9.543.219 from the limit approved by shareholders in general meeting.


Last update: 03/11/2016