Right to ask questions prior to the AGM

As provided by Article 127-ter of Italian Legislative Decree 58/98, shareholders entitled to vote may submit questions regarding the items on the agenda prior to the annual general meeting, sending such questions to the Company by and no later than 25 October 2019 (before 6.00 p.m.).

Questions submitted prior to the annual general meeting shall receive a reply during the meeting at the latest. The Company may choose to provide a single reply to questions which have the same content. The Bank is not required to give an answer, even in the annual general meeting, to questions submitted prior to the meeting if the information requested is already available in “Q&A” format in the relevant F.A.Q link


The right to ask questions prior to the AGM is reserved to shareholders who provide confirmation of their status as such by sending the following documentation to the company:

  • copy of the certification issued by the intermediary with which the shares are deposited (cf. Article 83-quinquies of the Italian consolidated financial act), or alternatively;
  • an indication of the reference details of the notice regarding participation in the general meeting requested from the shareholder’s intermediary, or at the very least the intermediary’s name (cf. Article 83-sexies of the Italian consolidated financial act).

Questions, along with the grounds for authorization to submit them, may be sent by the following means:

1) by post, to the following address:
        Mediobanca S.p.A.
        Company Secretary’s Office (Questions, Annual General Meeting 2019)
        Piazzetta E. Cuccia 1
        20121 Milan

2) via email to: azionisti@mediobanca.com

3) click here.

Last update: 23/09/2019