Right to participate in the Annual General Meeting

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Company’s Articles of Association, shareholders are entitled to attend and vote if the Company has received in respect of them, by the end of the third business day prior to the date of the meeting, a notice sent by the intermediary to Mediobanca, based on its own records at the end of the accounting day of the seventh business day prior to the date set for the annual general meeting in a single session (17 October 2019 – the “record date”).

Investors who become shareholders after the record date are not entitled to attend and vote in the general meeting.

Such notice is sent to Mediobanca by the intermediary at the request of the party entitled to attend and vote at the meeting. Vote-holders are requested to issue instructions which take due account to the intermediary, to ensure that such notice is sent to the company. No requests by the intermediary for advance notice or commissions in respect for its performing the above duties shall be payable by the company.

Owners of shares not yet in dematerialized form intending to take part in the general meeting shall deliver them to an intermediary of their choosing in advance for them to be entered in the central dematerialized clearing system, and request the aforementioned notice to be issued.

To attend or vote by proxy, please see voting by proxy and notification or alternatively Shareholders’ representative appointed by company.

Last update: 23/09/2019