Marco Tronchetti Provera

marco tronchetti provera 

Deputy chair, Mediobanca

Date of birth: 18 January 1948; place of birth: Milan


Marco Tronchetti Provera has been Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mediobanca since 23 May 2007. After graduating in Economics and Business from the Bocconi University in Milan in 1971, in the early 1970s he started to work with family-owned business groups, developing those with operations in freight shipping in particular. He entered Pirelli in 1986, and took over operational leadership of the Group in 1992. From December 1996 to September 2001 he was Chairman of Il Sole 24 Ore, and from October 2001 to September 2005 director of Teatro alla Scala. From September 2001 to September 2006 he was Chairman of Telecom Italia S.p.A., and until May 2013 served as Chairman of Prelios S.p.A.


Last update: 18/07/2017