The Mediobanca Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Italian Paralympic Committee (IPC) in order to support and embed the values of Paralympic sport as a vehicle for social integration, a sphere which affirms a genuine culture of merit and promotes genuinely open and fair competition, and an instrument for educating, developing and releasing individuals.




    Valore D is the first association of large companies in Italy, set up in 2009, to support women in positions of corporate leadership.

    The objective of the project is to support and increase the number of talented women in leadership positions through concrete and tangible action.

    The activity of Valore D in support of women’s leadership is developed in three directions: towards women managers, Italian companies and society as a whole.

    Valore D promotes an innovative corporate structure that overcomes the implicit gender bias and favors reconciliation, provides women managers the tools and knowledge relevant to their professional growth and proposes a new cultural model that includes the full participation of women in the economic and social life of the country.





    Since 2013 Mediobanca has taken part in the educational project promoted by Junior Achievement (; “JA”), a non-profit organization set up in the United States in 1919 and in Italy since 2002 to promote the economic education of young people.

    JA brings professionals from a variety of sectors into Italian state schools, to work alongside teachers in introducing issues such as economics, entrepreneurialism and personal finance.
    Examples of issues dealt with during lessons include how to prepare an effective CV, how banks work, or how company budgets are formed.

    Participants are awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of the lessons.

    JA has awarded Mediobanca its 2014 prize for “Best company voluntary programme” for its Group-wide programme which included staff at Compass and Che Banca! As well, ensuring 35 experts were available for the “Io e l’economia” initiative in various Italian regions which do not usually benefit from such opportunities.




    JOUNTLYMediobanca has joined Push to Open, an innovative training programme aimed at sixth-formers. The aim of the programme is to put young people in contact with the workplace, via meetings with professionals and company experts in an informal and interactive setting. 
    The programme consists of webcasts and intercompany workshops, and is supported by a social media community. 

    For further information go to Jointly shared welfare and Push to Open.


    Starting from 2016 Mediobanca staff will have a unique opportunity to take part in “Jointly Kid in Town”, the exclusive non-residential summer campus designed for the children of people at work to play, study and exercise during the summer months.

    For further information go to


    Last update: 07/06/2016